The essential purpose o f a pallet racking system is to support the largest load possible in relation to its self weight, while maintaining ready access to individual pallets and preventing damage to stored goods. This should be achieved within the constraints imposed by design and safety considerations.

A sensitivity analysis is performing on structures to identify some of the critical factors that are most influential in determining the load carrying capacity of a rack, based on the design approach already identified.

In general, the design is complicated by the semi-rigid nature of beam/upright and upright/floor connections, and by the use of perforated upright members in large, multistorey sway frames.

As a2 we are analysing your racks systems on high-end simulations tools.

After we analysis your rack systems the results are compared with a traditional non-linear finite element solution of the same problem. The analysis algorithm is then incorporated into a design program, which performs code checks against global buckling, deformation and internal member forces.