What Do Robotic Racking Systems Do?

Robotic racking systems have the benefits of having automatic pick ups, counts, identifications, listings and storage of all products. Robotic racking systems create a type of technological ecosystem in the storage area they are in. This way, stacking and tracking of pallets and products become simplified. Robotic racking systems are also referred to as smart storage systems. These systems can perform steps on the track from storage facility of seller to the buyer with zero mistakes, which immensely increases the quality of the establishment. Several types of smart storage systems are listed below:  

Robotic Racking Systems 

Robotic racking systems play and active role in stacking, storing incoming products, and shipping them to the customers. Due to this system, all storage processes can be performed very fast, without the use of human power and with zero errors. These systems intuitively increase the quality of the establishment.  

Radio Frequency Identification 

Radio frequency identification systems are advanced systems utilized in inventory management. QR codes are barcodes are used in these systems for product control. Every product has a respective barcode or QR code. This way, tracking of incoming and outgoing products are performed with ease on a computer.  

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is not only used in storage and logistic branches but a method widely present in all industrial branches. Robotic racking systems also function using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligences also play an active role in all stages of every process that goes on in storage facilities. This system aims to significantly decrease the cost of operation and increase profits by employing less staff. In addition, it aids to decrease or eliminate human errors.  

Storage Management Systems 

Storage management systems are widely used systems that utilize all types of smart technologies. These systems provide their service in the form of softwares, which can be used to collect all data of all processes and pinpoint errors that occur.  

As/Rs Automated Storage 

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (As/Rs) are especially prevalent in very tall storage systems. Utilized in racking systems with heights ranging from 30-40 meters, this method controls robots, computing systems, equipment and softwares as a whole.  

All components of the systems can be seen through the respective softwares using a computer. By having engines that work with AC and DC, storage owner can perform nearly all actions in front of a computer. Depending on the volume of the system, one or more computers can be used. As the system properly functions, all information flow and communication network are delivered to the computers. Within many types of racking systems within Robotic racking systems, this system can perform all processes without errors.