How are Periodic Rack Maintenance Performed?

The answer to the questions how are periodic rack maintenance performed, we can simply state that it is done by methods and frequency outlined in our laws. Periodic rack maintenance is a compulsory conduct for all racking systems. To keep in guidelines of health & safety and to lengthen the lifetime of the racking system, the rack’s current state and structure must be analyzed and improved upon.  

What Does Periodic Rack Maintenance Cover? 

The conditions in which periodic rack maintenance must comply with guidelines outlined in Health & Safety Condition Codes and TS EN 15635 European Standards. 

How Often Should Periodic Rack Maintenance Occur?  

According to Code 6331 in Work Health & Safety Laws and Codes of Health & Safety Conditions under Use of Work Equipment, the frequency of the rack maintenance must be minimum 1 times a year. Conducting a periodic rack maintenance once a year is a legal necessity. If requested, the maintenance can be done every 6 months or even every month. However, at least 1 periodic maintenance is legally compulsory.  

What to Be Done If Problems Are Identified During Periodic Rack Maintenance?  

Finding impropriety or unsuitability after periodic rack maintenance, the owner of the racking system bares the responsibility to fix/replace the pinpoints that are improper. After the necessary fixes and changes occur, the owner once again has to employ an advisory service to examine the racking system and make sure there are not unhealthy factors affecting the work safety. Upon this service a report/analysis is provided to the owner as a proof that racking system is up to regulations. The purpose of the periodic rack maintenance is to provide work safety and to avoid people getting hurt by improprieties.  

How are Periodic Rack Maintenance Control Performed? 

  • There are several checks and tests conducted during a periodic rack maintenance, and they are as follows:  
  • Measuring the resistance of steel construction parts to outside impacts 
  • Checking the angular progression of vertical parts of the racking system  
  • Checking all connection elements and parts, especially the sole planks and vertical and horizontal beams  
  • Observing the conditions of the ground and floor 
  • The compliance in which the rack was designed to be constructed 
  • Checking the connections and welding points 
  • Checking the dimensional values of the racking system 
  • Checking the warning signs and posts around the racking system 


After these, the periodic maintenance of the racking system is conducted. Upon receiving the report, safety of the system must be approved by an inspector.  

What to Do after Periodic Rack Maintenance? 

After periodic rack maintenance, different color stickers/indicators are used to show the conditions of the racking system.  

The ones possessing the green color are suitable for use, and are safe racking systems.  

The ones possessing the orange color will have their loads removed. Upon fixing the particular faulty point, it can be refit and is again safe for use.  

The racking systems possessing the red color indicator have immediately be emptied and offloaded. Only after fixing each faulty part of the racking system can this be used.  

Periodic rack maintenance is essential for health safety and are legally compulsory maintenances.